Moulding Knives

Moulding Knives For The Shop Fox And
Williams And Hussey Moulders Are Our

Large new profile catalog. Take a look!

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Overnight Shipping For 23.00 is now
available to most areas. Price applies to
one or two sets of knives. Additional
shipping costs apply for 3 or more sets

We offer you the option of corrugated
W&H knives. These would give you the
opportunity to also use them in your
W&H or Shop Fox and some shaper
applications as well as many types of
moulders. Cost is 2
2.00 per inch of steel.
Only the M2 grade is available

CMK is open for phone calls between the
hours of 8AM and 5:30PM Eastern Time
Monday - Friday. Feel free to call
(802)753-7105 or email any time:

We offer the higher grade Black Nitride
in corrugated steel for the Woodmaster
Molding Head and also multi spindle
moulders such as Weinig, Price is 2
per inch of steel.
Jet, Powermatic, Grizzly, RBI, Belsaw, Woodmaster and Craftsman
moulder owners please read the following:
If you are in need of a set of 3 smooth knives 1/4" thick we can help
you, but we do not supply gibs.
If you are interested in purchasing a single knife set then please
click the "Single Knives" link below and mention that CMK sent you:
Single Knives

Fast turnaround time, usually 24-48 hours from time order is
received. Current lead time will be displayed at the top of this page*.

Please email or call with any questions.

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Contact Info:

Tim Yunger
68 Grove Rd.
Shaftsbury, VT 05262
Phone: (802) 753-7105 8AM - 5:30PM EST
Fax Anytime:(802) 419-4872
Corrugated Moulding Knives
Corrugated Moulding Knives
Corrugated Moulding Knives
Corrugated Moulding Knives
Moulding Knives
* Current lead time is an estimate and may change
without notice but will be updated from time to time.
We strive to get all orders processed in a timely manner.
"CNC Template Maker".
This allows us to make templates in
house which cuts lead time to a
minimum and also keep costs low.
We also sell templates to those of
you who choose to grind your own
knives. Just another way that Catalog
Moulding Knives is striving to meet
your knife grinding needs.
Williams And Hussey, Shop Fox Moulding Knives
(802) 753-7105

Attention Williams & Hussey And Shop Fox Owners:

Black Nitride Steel

We are proud to offer Black Nitride steel.
HSS Black Nitride Steel offers up to
100% longer run times than the industry
standard M2-HSS for only 20% more in cost.
Black Nitride is HSS that is case hardened with pure carbon about .015 deep
and ranges from 72 Hrc at the surface to 63 Hrc .020 deep in the steel. The
steel is then coated with Black Oxide (like gun bluing) to reduce pitch build
up and eliminate rust.
This will be a great alternative to M2 steel for all those who require a steel
harder than M2 but do not want to spend a fortune for it.
Price for this incredible steel starts at just 2
4.00 per inch of steel.
Williams And Hussey, Shop Fox Moulding Knives
Currently Available: 3 Choices Of Steel Hardness:

Need Carbides? Milling MDF? Please Inquire.

Black Nitride (High Grade)- From 24.00 per inch of steel needed.     
For a cost of only 20% more than the M2 steel you get a steel that has 100%
longer run times. Most value for the money!!
This is the best all around steel we have ever made knives from (customer
favorite, please see description down below price chart).
We offer it in both
Williams and Hussey (and Shop Fox) and corrugated steel for the Woodmaster
Molding Head and for larger molders as well.

M2 HSS (Quality Grade)- From 20.50 per inch of steel needed.
M2 steel is our premium HSS. It is great for longer runs in both softwoods and
hardwoods. For even longer runs in hardwoods and exotic woods see Black
Nitride above.

V2 HSS (Economy Grade)- From 18.00 per inch of steel needed.
V2 steel is the latest in HSS technology. It is great for long runs of softwoods and
medium runs of hardwoods.
New Products And News From CMK:
Corrugated Moulding Knives
Debit Cards
Accepted too
Depth Of Cut
V2 Steel
M2 Steel
Black Nitride
Up To 7/16"
Up To 11/16"
3/4" Or More
Price per inch of steel for W&H,
Shop Fox, and 5/16" Corrugated:
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Services We Provide:

At Custom Moulding Knives our knives are precision ground on state
of the art equipment in order to get you the best results possible.
Knives are ground in sets of 2 and are balanced to within .1 gram of
each other in weight.

Modifications of profiles are allowed but at an additional cost of 20.00
per profile. By modifications we mean changing an overall size or
perhaps adding a bead or flute. If changing the size results in the
need of using larger knife blanks then an additional fee will result. If
the profile is modified smaller then smaller blanks may be required,
thus reducing the cost.

Templates (3/16" Acrylic) for our catalog profiles may be purchased at a
cost of 20.00 each. Templates are needed in order to sharpen the
knives, and are very handy to have in case you ever sell or give away
the knives.

To Place An Order please call or email us. Eventually this website will
have a shopping cart and you will be able to pay right on the site. We
accept all credit cards and PayPal also. To use PayPal just request us
to email you an invoice.

CAD Drawings will be supplied upon request. That will enable you to
see the detail up close before we make the actual knives.
Current Lead Time:
2 Days
We Sell Moulding Knives For The Following Machines ONLY:
Shop Fox, Williams And Hussey, Woodmaster (corrugated only for 2
slot Molding Head), Weinig and most other multi spindle moulders,
and for shaper cutterheads that fit 1/4" or 5/16" corrugated steel.
If your machine is not listed then please inquire anyway so that we
may forward you to a reliable source for knives.
To pay by PayPal please
request an invoice by
either calling or emailing us.